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Oracle decks, books, music, guided ritual, dance and meditation. Alana's products are created with love, to loosen the grip of fear and empower your soul journey.

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Sacred Events

Authentic, friendly, wild, loving and empowering, Alana's events are divinely unique. Meet like-minded people in sacred space as we commune with divine presence.

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Alana created her intuitive Soul Therapy sesions to impart healing energy through her voice, presence and channelled guidance. Find the comfort and wisdom that you seek.

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Tara in Tibet 
A Sacred Soul Retreat for Blessing, Healing,
Protection and Enlightenment

Kathmandu, Nepal – Lhasa, Tibet 15th – 23rd May 2018 


Around a year or so ago, I had a dream of a beautiful, heavenly lake. I was filled with its beauty, peace and other-worldly quality of divine beingness. I just didn’t want to wake up from that dream! When I did, I felt quite strongly to Google images of ‘heavenly’ and ‘lake’. Lo and behold, of course, there was a picture of the same place that I had dreamed of, as if some clever photographer had managed to sneak into my dream and capture it forever.

As my heart leapt at the realisation that this lake was an actual place on earth, I became suddenly determined and deeply inspired (two of my leading character traits!) to visit it. The lake in my dream vision was Yamdrok Yumtso, where sacred water meets the sky, grounded by the presence of colourfully-adorned yaks!

It was only in the process of putting the retreat together, that I consciously realised that this dream had a special purpose and meaning on another level. Oddly enough, I didn’t actually ask for a visit to the lake, and yet it was suggested specifically by our tour advisors (funny about that). I then realised that the lake, known as one of the three Holy Lakes of Tibet, and also as a Goddess and Guardian who blesses those that visit Her, was actually a divine being offering a special message through my dream. It was an invitation to take a pilgrimage to a sacred site of our Earth Mother.

As I began to write the materials for the Tibet retreat, I was overcome with joyful laughter and a deep sense of awe. I could feel the essence of what will be unfolding on the retreat, and it left me speechless. I felt Tara as a wild and vitalising presence with a definite plan in mind, and whilst I would open the space to her, and she has given me an outline for preparation, when it comes down to it, I have no idea what she is going to do with us. All I know is that the beauty, vibrancy and power of what I feel in the visionary preview she just gave me had me gaping and giggling simultaneously. I open to receive Her grace. Om Tara!

If your heart is stirring, join us for a divine adventure …

Om Tara!

Divine Saviour Goddess and Rainbow Buddha Mother 

Why is Tara the Rainbow Buddha Mother? This loving name for her came to me in the process of integrating the heart of the retreat. She births within us our own innate Buddha or Enlightened nature – that part of us that sees clearly, as things are, without the stories of the ego that lead us astray. This is the part of us that creates peace, freedom and a sense of bliss that softens the harsh places within the soul and allows us to breathe so fully, we are actually breathing with our spirit.

Tara takes challenge and creates opportunity, she acts instantly and without hesitation for the aid of all who call upon her. She is the care-taker, the fierce protector, the wild sky-dancer and our inspiration for taking a leap of faith, leaving behind fear and embracing our life with complete trust in the Divine Goodness reaching for us always.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime vitalising pilgrimage for the heart.

From sound healing, chanting and moving meditations to beautiful music, to exploring local markets and hunting for the most delicious Tibetan momos (dumplings!), we awaken together in divine friendship, wildness and serenity. We surrender ourselves into the Divine Mother’s grace and protection.

Nepal and Tibet, the Holy Lake pilgrimage, the wise and gentle soul totem of the Yak and the heart of the local people will impart many messages of grace, wisdom and compassion to nourish our souls.


Group sessions guided by Alana include – 

The Mystical Tantra of Tara

Your Dakini Nature and Magnetic Inner Feminine Power

Divine Pathway of the Tara Chakra

Soul Mandala of the 21 Taras


Optional group excursions (included in the cost of the retreat) include – 

Visits to temples, villages and the sacred palace of the Dalai Lama

Guided shopping tour to discover beautiful wares from local artisans

A journey to the sacred Yamdrok lake to receive spiritual blessing

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Mobile: +61 (0)400345113  

Email: [email protected]

Limited private readings are available with Alana on retreat!

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