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Mission Statement


Our Mission Statement is a Soul Commitment

Our souls’ purpose is to hold space for you to discover your personal spiritual path. So here is our Love Letter to Your Soul

We believe

We believe all humans are equally deserving of sacredness, which dwells within every heart. When we communicate this truth, it helps humans feel confident in their own unique spirituality, and to value authenticity over conventionality. This is the path to inner spiritual freedom, the sacred birthright of all humans.

We create

We create experiences of the sacred for humanity. We create ways to find Alana’s work, her energy and light. This provides a sacred bridge to spiritual awakening for those that are ready for a spiritual path but are not sufficiently nourished by religion. Whether someone needs a religious path or not, we hold unconditionally loving encouragement and offer spiritual sustenance, to encourage all humans to find their truest path to awakening. We create methods for people to embrace a genuine and effective spiritual path, and are able to meet people where they are.

We hold space

We hold space for those that yearn for depth and evolution. And those who are going to the next level of spiritual awakening and experience. We hold space, intention and consciousness to provide an open and generous healing channel and teach other humans how to do the same. So we can improve the quality of life, understand and master our soul lessons and create a nourishing and authentic spiritual path.

An authentic path can benefit all beings, protect the soul from distraction and diminishment and refresh the heart with hope, inspiration, dignity, love, joy and expansion. Every being benefits when a soul awakens in such a way.

We embody

We seek to embody and share light, joy, love, deep sacred reverence for spiritual presence and healing playful irreverence at life’s absurdities. We seek goodwill and encouragement for humanity to be true to the heart and manifest the liberation of the soul. We believe a better, more heartfelt and soul-honouring way of life is available to humanity. And we believe it is already in the process of co-creation by the spiritual mavericks and avantgardes of consciousness that seek to embody higher consciousness and live from the heart. We support those visionaries to fulfil their purpose.

We respect

We respect all while gently and firmly continuing to disentangle the political from the spiritual. We respect but understand that our job is not to tell people what their politics should be. And not to confuse opinion (one person’s truth) with spiritual truth (which is universal and applies to all beings equally and lovingly). We respect all beings and hold space for each to connect to the heart and honour their personal path and the common path that we all share – the human spiritual journey.

We embrace

We embrace boundaries and we have compassion, and aim for kindness and truth in our communications. We do our best to embrace issues without shaming, because we are all growing and figuring it out on our own spiritual path. We embrace wisdom which means not making ourselves into garbage receptacles for the projections of other people. But neither do we judge them for their lack of skilfulness, because everyone lacks skill sometimes.

We practice

We practice discerning the operation of energies that run contrary to our aims. Resistance to healing, our inner potential for destructiveness, anger, fear, shame, guilt, attachment, overwhelm, confusion and defeatism. These energies are part of the human experience. We need to recognise that sometimes we will feel them within ourselves, even towards each other, or from others. Yet, we can still have compassion.

We practice working through all feelings and experiences. We practice using them to grow spiritually and increase the effectiveness of our sacred work. We might stumble for a while in that process, and that’s fine, and part of how we learn. A sense of humour can often be helpful during such times!

We trust

We trust in the belief that things will work out and flow smoothly more often than not. When we encounter problems, we do our best not to fixate on them, nor to hide from them. We trust that a solution can always be found. So we aren’t afraid of problems, even if we prefer it when things flow smoothly.

We help

We want to help each other, but we also recognise the need for self-care (and self-help) as being important. We recognise the need to work together to actualise the greater guiding purpose of our team—which is to empower spiritual freedom and soul healing for as many humans as we can, creating spiritual benefit for all beings. For us to be able to do this, we seek out the help necessary to take care of ourselves. Then caring for each other and the work flows naturally.

We recognise

We recognise our individual power. We work hard on developing confidence and trust in the wonderful things we can do, whilst taking care not to fall into the trap of ignoring our own needs for wellbeing, rest and care.

Hard work does not have to equate to being hard on yourself. Rest is an important way that we are kind to ourselves. And it typically makes us more productive and better problem solvers. We remind ourselves and each other to take care of ourselves as well as recognise our ability to accomplish more than what we might have thought was possible, overcoming personal barriers or obstacles as we grow.

We evolve

We believe that as humanity develops self-awareness and self-love and recognises human life as a precious gift and opportunity for spiritual growth, our human family will continue to evolve and mature spiritually. It will become a potent catalyst for grace, goodness and generosity in our world. We are sowing the seeds for great souls to bloom. This is the potential and purpose of humankind.

The Human Spiritual Path

We recognise that all humans are valuable, with a one-of-a-kind soul, a particular spiritual path, a unique spirituality and an innate purpose to fulfil in this lifetime. Each human is spiritually designed to evolve into that purpose. To be and become the sacred fruition of unique potential.

Although we may not always see how, both the journey to this fruition and the purpose itself benefit the individual soul and the human collective. Each human must be allowed to pursue their own spiritual path and soul-healing journey. This is how we respect spiritual sovereignty and honour the higher intelligence of the Universe.

All humans are born with spiritual intelligence and soul, and Divine Feminine wisdom in the heart. And so we communicate this heart-felt message to those we seek to assist…

Our love letter to you

The wisdom within your heart already knows who you are, what you were born to do and how you can best—and most joyfully—accomplish that purpose for the greater good.

To empower the spiritual intelligence within, you must trust your process. Your path will not look exactly like the path of any other. Others can support you. But only you can decide to become fearlessly faithful and embrace your authentic soul journey.

Your authentic purpose

Your soul is nourished by authentic purpose. Nourished souls are true to themselves. And then they naturally function as essential parts of the great sacred ecosystem of Life. When each part of that ecosystem is doing what it was divinely designed to do, every part is empowered and supported, and the greater whole becomes healthier. Your personal spiritual empowerment creates benefit for all beings.

There is no need to follow anyone or anything unless you feel it enriches you at a soul level. For your choices to strengthen you, they must resonate with your heart. We don’t have to be the same to create unity, love, peace and light in our world.

The path that is worthy is the one that empowers, awakens and heals your soul. That may be completely different to the path of your loved ones, and every path has its own value. It is not the external forms that matter, but the internal effect which is important. Only your own heart and soul can know what the true path is for you.

Your spiritual confidence

Love and hope generate courage and resilience. Resilience creates the strength for sacred swagger, which is the confidence to be fully, strangely, beautifully and uniquely yourself. Such spiritual confidence is based on trust in yourself and in the spiritual dimensions that support you. It empowers you to take action on your intuition and trust your spiritual path.

This is especially important during the more challenging growth phases. Here you will often feel tested to spiritually rise above what is happening, whilst having the courage to acknowledge and process your emotional, psychological and physical responses to life’s twists and turns.

Trust in the divine

The divine is what you conceive of it to be—the Universe, your own Higher Self or Higher Consciousness, the Soul, God, the Divine Mother, Life, Mother Earth, music, spiritual intelligence, Supreme Being, the Originating Source and/or some combination or all of these. There are many ways to love and connect with the divine. The most important ways are the ways that really speak to your soul at any given moment.

The Universe is benevolent, unfathomable and mysterious, but always loving. Though it can be hard to see sometimes, it always has your best interests at heart. At those moments we encourage you to think of times when something happened in your life that you didn’t want at the time, but later recognised as a hidden blessing that helped you become the person you are today. No matter what life hands you, you can learn and grow spiritually and increase your light and wisdom through that process.

Sometimes it is the challenges that cause us to grow the most, letting go of who we were and becoming who we are meant to be. A sincere heart guarantees divine connection, protection and assistance. The divine belongs to all beings, and loves unconditionally, regardless of the rules and conditions that human beings may attempt to impose upon it.

Our Heartfelt Vision for You

You have the freedom to choose what you do with this precious life. How you live it. The kind of person you want to be. And the way that you want to express yourself. In honouring your soul’s truth, you attract support and grace from the Universe.

Our heartfelt wish for you, and the vision we hold for you, is that you embrace your process, trusting in your life journey and spiritual path (even in the difficult moments). We wish for you to realise that you are a spiritual being having a precious human experience. And to understand that you are already blessed with inner wisdom, freedom and spiritual protection. Our purpose is to help you access this for your own sacred fruition, for the spiritual benefit of all beings.

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