New Moon in Aries

April kicks off with the New Moon in Aries. The promising Sabian symbol for this lunation is ‘a flock of white geese’. Inspirational and uplifting, white feathers are a symbol of angelic protection and spiritual presence, and the goose is the sacred vehicle of the goddess Saraswati. She is the manifesting power of voice, of intentions translating into form, overcoming all odds or obstacles. Her preferred methods to promote enlightenment include music, dance, singing, prayer and chanting, reading and writing. Saraswati is the gift of creativity, expression and spiritual learning, the ultimate outcome of which is evolution into complete liberation. 

With this highly creative energy of the divine mother making her presence felt, and the New Moon falling in the first sign of the zodiac, which is Aries, there is emphasis on the start of a new chapter. This month pulls us towards truth seeking and speaking – there is that sacred Lilith consciousness once again.

Black Moon Lilith

I’ve shared a deep blog about Lilith on my website which you are welcome to explore. She is fierce embodied truth. One of her manifestations with particular relevance to the cosmology of 2022 is known as Black Moon Lilith.

Black Moon Lilith takes approximately 9 years to go around the zodiac, staying roughly 9 months in each sign. The vibration of 9 is powerful, echoing the New Moon theme of endings and beginnings. The 9 vibration symbolises closure of karmic cycles, and the themes of completion, evolution and transcendence. These are Lilith’s empowerments when we dare to walk her path of authenticity and truth.

Lilith has been in Gemini since July 2021, dismantling the societal conditioning that began during early childhood and initial schooling, revealing where trauma had lodged itself in our nervous systems, mental patterning and communications. She has been teaching us how to breathe, how to drop into the body, rather than be distracted by whatever new thing is on the horizon, for there will always be new things to play with or pursue, and eventually unchecked distraction will escalate to danger and destruction. This is when Lilith tends to make her presence felt as a crisis of consciousness. She will only tolerate so much before she issues her cosmic call out and demands acknowledgement of deeper painful truth so that appropriate responsive activity will begin to reroute dysfunctional activity.

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer – the Beginning of Cycles

On 13 April, Black Moon Lilith wraps up her tour through Gemini, taking pride of place in the Divine Feminine sign of Cancer where she will stir the cosmic waters until January 2023. Cancer is the sign of the collective consciousness and in esoteric astrology is considered the gateway into incarnation. In this sense, it is the beginning of cycles, and also the masses, the mainstream, and the potential for growth and evolution. Cancer is the symbol of the divine mother – the conception, gestation and birthing function, and the consciousness necessary for something new to emerge. Cancer is a cosmic creatrix and regenerative womb space.

Mother Love

We can mother children, we can mother ourselves and each other, we can mother our world, and our dreams and business, projects and paths. Mothering is the quality of providing nurturance and authentic attunement, guidance and protection. Black Moon Lilith in Cancer will guide us deep into reflection on mother love, on finding truth with compassion about our mothers and our capacity for mothering, and the simultaneously confounding and confronting truth of patriarchal disregard for the role of mothering in the development of secure, mature individuals with resilience, and healthy, supportive social culture. I have written more about this in my longer blog on Lilith. 

The capacity we have for mothering evolves through a soul healing journey. It is not an automatic biological inevitability. Where our mothers were wounded and that wounding was not resolved, their ability to mother will have been impaired, and the child’s nervous system then carries forth the effect of that wounding, which in turn becomes part of social culture.

Healing Ancestral Lineages

Matrilineal epigenetics has demonstrated that the stage is set for altered gene expression in a child when that child’s mother is still in the grandmother’s womb. Various religious and spiritual teachings from the Judeo-Christian traditions to Indigenous American spiritual traditions speak of the spiritual significance of 7 generations. Eventually, scientific discoveries seem to back what mystics have been yabbering on about for thousands of years, for now, science at least graces us with acknowledgment of the interrelationship of 3 generations. Many of you who have been doing deep work on ancestral healing won’t need scientific proof of what you already have experienced yourself. The maternal wounding patterns tend to arise in dreams, in body work, in our own ways of being.

Many courageous souls have incarnated to help heal traumatised ancestral lineages through their personal soul journey in order to create healthier legacies for the greater good. We know we are in a soul relay race of sorts, carrying the baton of consciousness forwards for ourselves, for our mothers and grandmothers, and the future generations, as we tend to our healing. We know that the energy generated through our work fuels the spiritual rebirth required for humanity to thrive.

Wounds of the Feminine

We need Lilith in Cancer at this time to acknowledge and regenerate from personal and collective trauma. Lilith is depth and embodiment. In Cancer, she heightens the natural Cancerian perceptiveness, bolstering sensorial intelligence and intuition. During her tour through Cancer, Lilith can help us recognise and express the truths that become evident through presence. Cancer rules the chest, breasts, stomach and womb. What we cannot process can show up in painful stomach aches, especially in children. Lilith in Cancer is the honouring of the wounds of the feminine, of the children who have not been protected, and the need to heal and evolve beyond the consciousness that creates such devastating betrayal, abandonment and abuse.

Spiritual Sanctuary for Renewal

From this month, through the 9 months that follow in particular, we can seek spiritual sanctuary for renewal and the strength for rebirth in the sacred birthing space of the cosmic Cancerian heart and womb. Gestation is essential for any kind of birth, and spiritual rebirth is therefore no different. Time, space and holding, perhaps in intentionally declared sacred space for the purpose of healing, allow us to align with Lilith’s wisdom and find our authentic voice, and empowerment.

Lilith in Cancer will rebel against collective patterns and traditions that do not honour authenticity and freedom. There may be stirrings and discomfort within us and most likely in the world around us, yet we can honour these as part of the soul awakening process. With compassion we can continue to evolve spiritually, growing in consciousness and in our capacity to care for ourselves and each other.

Full Moon in Libra

On 16 April the Full Moon shines in socially-conscious, ideal-loving Libra. Ruled by Venus, Libra is a call to divine beauty – fairness, peace, equality, balance. In Libra, Venus is shining through the air element, which relates to the mental plane. It is a time to dream your most beautiful dreams, to envision divine blessing for all beings, and to consider what is truly beautiful and motivating for your soul. Libra and Cancer square each other as cardinal air and cardinal water. These are both leadership signs and with the tension-inducing square, we can choose to be motivated by the truths brought to the surface through Lilith in Cancer, and ask for beautiful blessings and creative solutions to shine into our consciousness through the Full Moon in Libra. Release that as a prayer during the Libra Full Moon if you wish, as a declaration of divine passion, to the Universe and you will be ready for the New Moon that closes the month on April 30.

New Moon in Taurus

As the second new moon in a month, on April 30 the New Moon is a Black Moon, and this New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse occurring in Taurus. Solar Eclipses are New Moons on spiritual steroids. New moons simultaneously echo the qualities of Scorpio – death, endings, resurrection, and of the sign of Cancer – birth, beginnings, gestation. New Moons are the liminal spaces where seeds are planted which will come to fruition. With Lilith kicking through Cancer, and the Venusian Libran full moon waning into the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus, also ruled by Venus, we have a chance to take the feminine birthing energy to a new level and set an intention to embody. Venus ruling Taurus is the earth element. Where Libra mentalises, Taurus seeks to embody and manifest. They are a marvellous pairing. The birthing energies this month are cosmic creativity amplifiers. The Universe says don’t just dream it, do it.  This month’s cosmology is a call to believe in beautiful manifestations and orient the mind and body towards creative expressions of higher consciousness grounded in deep authenticity.

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