On Lilith

Lilith is an expression of the feminine intelligence of embodied truth-speaking and cognitive-dissonance, destroying somatic honouring. Our society desperately needs Lilith to awaken in collective consciousness. This starts with individuals that are ready to encounter the dark goddess and feel her call at a soul level.

Lilith has cosmic expression in a number of states, from an asteroid named after her, to various lunar points, one of which is known as Black Moon Lilith.

Black Moon Lilith is not a literal object in the sky. In this state she is a place, a space that emanates consciousness of the lunar apogee. The apogee is the place in the cosmos where the moon is farthest from the Earth.  You could consider this the psychological equivalent of going into the deepest recesses of the unknown, the unconscious, in our psyches.

Not all your favourite people, no matter how much you may love them, or they love you, will be able to go with you on that journey nor tolerate what you discover and embody upon your return. There will be others who embrace you for your authentic nature. This is why accessing Lilith requires courage and trust. We don’t know exactly how the truth of our evolution will manifest itself, although I personally believe that we can always trust in its innate wisdom, compassion, beauty and grace.

Black Moon Lilith

On Feb 7th 2022 at 21 degrees Gemini, Black Moon Lilith makes a square to transiting Neptune in Pisces. This is an opportunity to cut through a conditioned mind and double speak, and drop into the experience of a heart-centred and expansive spirituality, that we can feel in our nervous system as a legitimate, heart-strengthening tonic.

Neptune in Pisces can be beautiful and inspirational, but one needs Lilith’s ability to discern dissonance, for when something that is said to be one thing is not experienced in that way at all. Lilith cuts through the painful crazy-making of cognitive dissonance as though she were dousing abundant truth serum over liars with their pants on fire (as the expression goes).

During this transit, you may see where fantasy is nothing more than that, and also discern where spiritual beauty is genuine and palpable. Seeing more clearly may not feel comfortable initially. Exposing cognitive dissonance is liberating and relieving, eventually. In the processing stages, it is confusing and takes much courage and steadiness to bear the feeling of craziness as one flits from adapted ‘reality’ to the actual reality of what took place, or is still taking place.

Astrological square aspects can be tough, as they amplify inner tensions and stimulate a kind of cosmic collision to be worked through. Yet there is an opportunity here to perceive a spiritual truth in fibres of your being, dislodging false narratives and becoming open to a more beautiful higher awareness that can truly set your soul free.

The price of freedom is dealing with our suffering. Lilith, as an expression of the wild feminine within all of our hearts, is willing, able and confident in accepting that challenge, for she knows that it is worth it.

Full Moon in Leo 

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon in Leo on 16 Feb is “many little birds on the limb of a large tree”. The divine mother is often described as the Tree of Life or the Wish Fulfilling Tree. She provides space for all beings to find sanctuary, and ultimately, liberation into peace and happiness. Leo rules the heart, which is the bodily and spiritual temple of the divine feminine within us.

This full moon is an opportunity to truly nourish ourselves through our spiritual connection, integrating Lilith’s revelations of what it is to live our truth at this time, and allow ourselves to realise the courage we already possess at a soul level, that has brought us so far along our paths, and is even now, preparing us to spiritually bloom.

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