The December solstice marks the height of summer in the south and depth of winter in the north falling naturally on December 22. Ah that 22 yet again, we have revisited this number repeatedly this year, a message about the deeper alignment we are being asked to embrace.  Deeper alignment requires greater trust because the ways of divine genius, kind and loving though it is, typically have little to do with what our ego thinks is best for us at the time. Later we may be found prostrating on the floor with gratitude for what we didn’t get and what did transpire, but the ego is capable of tantrum-level resistance before that moment. This is likely one reason why we were built with a sense of humour and the Universe created comedians.

Shift from resistance to gratitude

Divine alignment is painful to the ego and strengthening to the soul. Our shift from resistance to gratitude is the shift from ego to soul. This is an on-going dance. It is part of our human experience and something to recognise without beating ourselves up for it. One of the gifts of being born and raised in Australian culture is that you learn to laugh at yourself without feeling that you are a bad person. When an Australian wants to bond with you, they may well make a self-deprecating comment and invite you to have a good-natured laugh at their foibles too. If we can adopt this quirky capacity for not taking our own egos too seriously, we’ll find the occasional realisation that you thought you were doing well but were actually way off base to be a little easier to handle. Surrender can become a little swifter and deeper (and perhaps involve a stress-relieving snort-laugh plus forehead slap rather than a tirade of self-criticism).

The 22 is the master number of the higher divine plan, the purpose for which we were born and the soul journey that we take, uniting body and spirit, birthing soul, and manifesting divinity for the greatest good of all.  Whatever is transpiring in your life at this moment, if you can receive it as a blessing (whether it be obviously so or damn hard to recognise as such), you will settle into readiness for the final awakening of this soul-stretching year, and in that awakening, a discovery of deeper peace, sacredness and love.

On December 24, the 3rd and final hit of Saturn square Uranus alignment for 2021 takes place. Remember the push-pull of this transit? It is the tension that is at the hallmark of initiation – and it is personal and collective initiation that we are encountering now, unleashed in 2020.

Consider what you are being taught

To work consciously and constructively with this alignment, we need to consider what it might be trying to teach us. How can we be inventive with our structures and systems of authority? How can we balance innovation and the desire to be free with the need to ground and commit to a dream? How can we be open and responsive rather than fixed and opinionated? Can we allow for flashes of intuitive insight to guide us in our lives? These are the challenges and opportunities of this ongoing planetary play. This transit isn’t going away any time soon – we’ll be feeling it throughout 2022 – so we have time to experiment and engage with the process, intuiting its particular wisdom and application in our lives and our world.

As we respond and master these tests on an individual level, we become the birth mothers and founding fathers of the new way at a collective level. For me, the best way to learn something is to connect with those that embody the wisdom and can spontaneously and generously impart it to others through presence, rather than preaching. I encourage you to seek out the living lights in your world, the ones that speak straight to your heart, and empower you to share the same gift with others. Share that light and we will teach each other the way forwards.

Jupiter expands whatever he touches

The year closes with a beautiful respite from the intensity with Jupiter shifting back into Pisces. Jupiter expands whatever he touches, and in the heart-felt mysticism of Pisces, we have a chance to open our hearts completely with unconditional trust and potent prayer. We can invite the Universe to provide everything that is needed to make peace with our personal and collective process, whilst daring to dream and reach for the most beautiful outcomes for the greater good of all.

It can be hard to remember at times, but if humanity wasn’t ready for this degree of collective soul evolution, it wouldn’t be happening. I know that feeling ready, and actually being ready are often two entirely different prospects, yet when the Universe throws down any proverbial gauntlet, it is an acknowledgement of your general divine badassery and as yet unrecognised (by you) capacity. It is a vote of confidence. Jupiter in Pisces reminds the soul that confidence, courage and creative resourcefulness will arise naturally and generously from a spiritually open heart.  Believe in yourself. Believe that every being has their own unique (and ultimately beneficial) soul path. Believe in your divine destiny (even if you don’t know the details of it you can trust that the Universe knows what it is and is leading you towards it faithfully). Importantly, believe in the goodness of humanity, because veiled though it is at times, it still beats in our hearts and that love has the power to overcome all else.

Deep honouring from my soul to yours. Thank you for taking this journey with me this year. We drop into the exquisite heart alignment of the 6 vibration in 2022, empowerment for working together, with each other, with spirit, in sacred loving connection. We are on a soul journey together and the path, as well as the destination, is luminous with grace. Keep the faith dear ones.

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