Egypt Retreat 2020


Due to global events, the Egypt retreat has been cancelled. If you have made a deposit, please email us to confirm your refund. Further details have been emailed to all on our Egypt list and can also be found in this PDF. Thank you for your overwhelming interest and support. We will be in touch regarding the outcome.

Honouring the Sacred Call

Egypt invites the soul to renew and replenish itself with life enhancing prosperity, deep remembrance for inner healing and empowerment of light. 

Ancient Temples

Reconnection to the ancient soul lineages and gifts answers our yearnings for awakening and expression in our lives now, that we may move forward on our path, free from the binds of the past, ever more capable of manifesting the heart’s true fulfilment.  

Luxor Temple

Temple of Isis

Karnak Temple

About Alana

Alana Fairchild is a world-renowned spiritual teacher and best-selling author, inspiring a devoted following of her work. Working with Alana is a powerful and unique experience. 

Egypt Retreat 2020 Itinerary

Together we shall experience our beloved Isis. Sacred restoration through sound alchemy. Sekhmet and Bastet, the fire of release and renewal. Horus and Osiris, awakening to the sanctity and necessity of the sacred masculine. The energy work and light language of Thoth. 

If your soul is urging you, join us!


Alana believes that every person has a sacred life purpose and works with them to uncover their innate talents and live the life they are divinely meant to live. She also believes – very strongly – in the healing power of fun. Which is quite possibly why she is so often heard laughing.  


Strictly Limited Places Available

For all bookings and enquiries contact or call mobile: + 61 (0) 408644170