Dear Ones,

The multiple activations of November begin with the 7 frequency of the month, which links us back to the inception of Chinese New Year in February and a reconnection to the state of conscious channelling and flow. What will we bring through our souls into the world? Will we be searching for and amplifying goodwill and creative grace? Can we relinquish our axes to grind and feelings of victimisation, and instead seek to affirm the natural dignity of the soul? No matter what happens in the outer circumstances of our lives, the innate value, the divinity, of the spirit is unquestionable and irrevocable.

On November 4

On November 4 the new moon in Scorpio opens the inner pathway towards the mysterious, shadowy depths of being. The lotus grows from roots deep in mud. The height of the tree requires commensurate depth and stability of the root system. Scorpio is cosmic gateway into the occult realm of the underworld, the hidden shadowy enclaves of the soul. These places can be penetrated with light of awareness but that requires bravery and self-love (and a sense of humour doesn’t go astray) because what we find there will not always be what we want to see.

The very nature of the shadow is that it is what we project out into the world, rather than recognise as being our very own self. This typically contains the lowest of the low and the highest of the high, and plenty in between. That which we do not identify as being part of who we are is lurking in the deep waters of the psyche over which Scorpio is guardian.


I ask you to take care with applying teachings on the shadow too literally.

This teaching can easily be misinterpreted and overly simplified, to your detriment. If you see a hardened criminal, you aren’t necessarily also a hardened criminal. It is not meant to be a literal interpretation. Yet to know how one behaves when in desperate circumstances, to know the feeling of compulsion to an act in a self-destructive way, even though you know it will result in further suffering, the urge to break free of the conventional constraint to feel wild and free, or the feeling that you are at profound and enduring loggerheads with social mores and authority – can we not relate to these qualities, share them (though perhaps in a more integrated and constructive manner)? To recognise this promotes compassion, softens judgement and increases self-knowledge. That is an empowering place from which to make decisions creatively, rather than reactively.

New moon in Scorpio gives us the nudge to allow for what may first be unwelcome or unfamiliar.


Sometimes our dreams are the only way such apparently foreign material can begin to enter our consciousness. It may be a symbol that shocks or enchants us, or we may realise a negative trait or an extremely positive one perceived in another, that we are yet to own and integrate. It may be a wild talent and it may be our capacity for appreciating the ordinariness of life as a counterbalance to our great adventures of body, mind and spirit. Whatever arises in your awareness may well be the key for your next spiritual activation. This lunation asks you to remain open, in trust, and pay attention.

Dip into the psychic realms

To greater facilitate this dip into the psychic realms beyond conscious identity we have the natural Beltane (south) and Halloween (north) on November 6. The specific day vibration is 22. We’ve visited this vibration numerous times this year already. The 22 is the alignment moment, the connection to the master plan of the soul that is in harmony with the universal mind. Why does this matter? When we are on the true soul path, we are naturally protected at a spiritual level and our capacity to attract the grace we need is radically enhanced. There are challenges yes, because these are how we grow and awaken. However the additional and unnecessary challenge of trying to be what you are not, and unintentionally blocking the flow of universal grace in doing so, is released. Otherwise it’s a bit like wearing a coat that you love in Summer, just because you love it, but ending up cranky and overheated and missing out on precious solar light derived wisdom and vitamin D! Alignment is smart. It helps us move with, rather than against, our natural soul rhythms which in turn move in harmony with the Universe.


During this festival, the thinner veils make us more psychically permeable.

If you safeguard your vibration, centred in the heart, and hold compassion, you will be able to know things that you would not otherwise be able to access, as you allow any restless negativities to pass you by, shining love from your heart for the spiritual benefit of all beings, and attracting the endless grace of the spiritual masters to your cause (for it is their cause too). Let me share a beautiful ‘secret’ of the path, one of the greatest ways to empower your light is to ask that it shine for the spiritual benefit of others. As we give, so we receive. May we give without attachment, with wisdom, and with peace. May all hearts receive exactly what is needed in the perfect time and the perfect way.

Blessings, Alana


Image from upcoming Angelic Lightwork Oracle by Alana Fairchild, Artist Daniel Holeman

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